How to Empower Your Child with Social Stories

As the back-to-school season approaches, it’s natural for children to experience a mix of excitement and anxiety. This transition can be especially challenging for kids, including those on the autism spectrum, as they navigate new social situations and routines.

To help your child confidently step into the world of school, we introduce you to the concept of social stories. Social stories are personalized narratives designed to empower children with the skills they need to engage confidently in various social scenarios. Child psychologist Dr. Diana Barrett recommends using social stories to help kids feel prepared and confident for new and challenging situations. 

Preschool adventures: First steps into school 

Scenario: Starting Preschool

Entering preschool is a significant milestone in your child’s life. To ease this transition, create a social story that introduces the idea of going to school and making new friends. 

Use simple language and engaging visuals to depict the excitement of playing with toys, singing songs, and interacting with teachers and classmates. 

The story might go like this:

“Once upon a time, a little explorer named [Child’s Name] was getting ready for an exciting adventure called preschool. [Child’s Name] felt a little nervous, but also excited to meet new friends. At preschool, [Child’s Name] will play with colorful toys, sing fun songs, and learn new things with kind teachers. Just like [Child’s Name], other kids might feel a little nervous too, but they all want to make friends and have fun together. When [Child’s Name] is at preschool, they can remember to smile, say ‘Hi,’ and share toys. Every day will be a new adventure!”

It can be helpful to repeat this social story every night before bed. This way, your child is familiar with it way ahead of their first day of preschool. As they get more family with the story, you can add new situations that come up in their daily life! 

social stories for preschool kids

Kindergarten kickoff: Embracing new beginnings 

Scenario: Starting Kindergarten 

Transitioning to kindergarten is a big step filled with new experiences. Craft a social story emphasizing the excitement of learning, making friends, and embracing independence. 

Use relatable examples to guide your child through routines, classroom activities, and peer interactions. 

Here’s a possible story:

“Get ready, [Child’s Name]! The time has come for kindergarten, a place where amazing adventures and new friends await. In kindergarten, [Child’s Name] will get to learn new things every day, from reading colorful books to solving fun puzzles. Sometimes, [Child’s Name] might feel a bit shy, but guess what? Other kids might feel the same way. When [Child’s Name] wants to make a new friend, they can use their magic words – ‘Hi, my name is [Child’s Name].’ And when it’s time to say goodbye to [Parents’ Names], [Child’s Name] can remember that they’ll come back to pick [Child’s Name] up after all the exciting activities.”

Remember, it’s helpful to repeat this story over multiple nights.  This way, your child feels comfortable and confident in their real-life experiences with back to school. 

social stories for kindergarten

Elementary explorations: Returning to school with confidence 

Scenario: Returning to Elementary School 

Heading back to elementary school after a break can be both exciting and challenging. Develop a social story that focuses on reconnecting with friends, adapting to routines, and facing potential challenges like dealing with bullies. 

Incorporate coping strategies and positive self-affirmations. 

Here’s a potential story:

“Once upon a time, [Child’s Name] was getting ready to go back to school after a relaxing break. Even though it might feel a bit strange at first, [Child’s Name] knew they could do it! At school, [Child’s Name] will see familiar faces – old friends and kind teachers. If [Child’s Name] ever feels worried, they can take deep breaths and remember that they’re strong and brave. 

Sometimes, [Child’s Name] might encounter tricky situations, like when someone isn’t being nice. But [Child’s Name] knows that they can talk to a teacher or a grown-up they trust. With each new day, [Child’s Name] will learn, laugh, and shine bright!”

Don’t forget to repeat this social story often so that your child feels familiar with what to do when they encounter these scenarios. You can also add to their social story when new situations arise in their daily life. 

social stories for elementary school kids

Social stories are a remarkable tool that parents can use to prepare their children for back-to-school adventures. By tailoring these narratives to suit each child’s unique needs, parents can provide the guidance and reassurance needed to navigate social situations with confidence. Through the power of storytelling, your child will embark on their educational journey with a heart full of courage and curiosity!

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