5 Fun Ways to Add More Music & Dance to Your Kiddo’s Day

1. Morning jam sessions 

Kick off the day with a burst of energy! Create a morning playlist with your child that features all their favorite tunes. From waking up to brushing teeth, let the beats guide your morning routine. 

Trust us, brushing is way more fun when you’re doing it to a rockin’ soundtrack!

2. DIY dance party Fridays 

Declare Fridays as the official family dance-off day! Create a dance space in your living room, pick a theme, and let the good times roll. Rotate DJ duties among family members and discover new dance moves together. 

Bonus points for funky costumes and disco lights!

3. Musical storytime 

Transform storytime into a musical adventure! Choose a favorite storybook and pick a song that complements each page. Encourage your child to move and groove in sync with the tale. 

It’s a fantastic way to blend literacy with the magic of music!

4. Instrumental exploration

Unleash the inner musician! Set up a mini “instrument petting zoo” at home with various child-friendly instruments. Allow your little maestro to explore and experiment with sounds. 

Who knows, you might have a future rockstar on your hands!

5. Choreography challenge 

Turn chores into a dance extravaganza! Assign each family member a signature dance move for specific tasks. Folding laundry, doing the dishes, or even setting the table can become a dance routine. 

Before you know it, your home will be the coolest dance studio in town!

Remember, the goal is not to be perfect but to have a blast and create lasting memories. So, cue the music, hit play, and let the good vibes flow! 

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