Full Day Programs

We offer full day programs for parents who have tight work schedule.

Professional Teaching

All trainings are undertaken professionally at our facility.

Best Environment

Kids get best treatments with our amazing environments.

Welcome to Aba Kindergarten

Abba is one of the leading Kindergarten in Africa.We offer wide range of services to the Kids from different backgrounds.You are most welcome to our institution in which is located in Karen,Nairobi Kenya.

Class Room
School Bus

Our Activities

Great Teachers

At Abba Kindergarten, we are are proud of the fact that we enjoy exclusivity of teachers from across the country.

Multimedia Class

Get your kids to enjoy diversity on our classes of multimedia.We offer high quality education to the kids.

Fulfill with Love

We ensure that there is much love and passion for the kids to embrace future with much optism.

Always Innovation

We are always on top of the game when it comes to innovation.

Bus Services

We are experienced in getting the job done especially with our transport services.Our experience is exclusive and much needed for kids of all ages to grow.

Fully Equipped

Our facilities are well equipped with modern equipments that facilitate fast and easy adaptation by the kids.Not fogeting the experience that our tutors comes with.

Our Classes

Our Teachers

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Abba Kindergarten

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